As the extention of city modernization, as well as frequent construction of high grade buildings, we demand better living and working circumstance, while buildings must meet the energy-efficient and environmental requirements. Thus, intelligent system becomes an inevitable trend in our living and working circumstance. Linker has been focus on leading edge time of technology,the products of the company are from the electric control technology,intergrated control to extend the field of artificial intelligent. Through the Internet &3G, remote-visible operating system are successfully reseached and developed . .
LINKER products covered wide areas of technology, which not only apply to integrated circuits, automatic control and other electronic technology integration, but also to computer programming, computer communications technology, and many other frontier organic integration.
LINKER from the practical application of intelligent control, by human design, German technology and the local community to achieve the perfect combination of architecture, developed a multi-purpose, multi-functional intelligent control system hardware and software, develop life and work of the infinite possibilities scene. Change lives, change jobs, change their mindset. LINKER products have been used in high-end residential buildings, high-end commercial buildings, luxury villas, luxury hotels, stadiums and high-end intelligent control systems in hospital wards.